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Each marketing plan will be unique to the property and the sellers needs. To have a marketing consultation on your home, call Jim at 513-703-6523 or click here.

 Most agents will put your home in the MLS (multiple listing service) and put a sign in your yard.  Unfortunately many stop there and don't even do a very good job at it.  We do  and we also do so much more!

The key to effectively selling your home are to present your home, 1.) in the best possible way, 2.) to as many potential buyers as possible and 3.) have it priced correctly.  Our marketing plan accomplishes these in the following ways:

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We provide a free consultation by a professional home stager on homes we market.  Home staging, along with professional photos "sell" showings.  The more showings the more likely you will get an offer.  Staging also continues to sell the buyer on the home during the showing.  It is proven that buyers stay in a staged home longer and that the staged homes sell faster and for more money.

Which home would you make an appoint to see?


Shopping for a home is much different than it used to be.  Most buyers shop online because of the amount of information  and photos available there.  This is a great benefit, if used correctly.  The downside is that buyers have so many homes to see, that they look for reasons to eliminate them so they can see just a few in person.  Our goal is to make your home one of those they select to visit.

Professional quality photos "sell" showings and the more showings, the more likely you will get an offer.

We use professional Canon digital SLR cameras equipped with wide angle lens and multiple off camera flash units.  Why?  Watch the video below.

Photography Spending Pays Off
No shocker here: Sales listings taken by higher-end single-lens-reflex cameras (SLR), preferred by professionals, garner higher prices than those properties whose sellers use point-and-shoot cameras, according to Redfin Corp., a Seattle-area real estate firm.

Redfin analyzed listings in Boston and Long Island and determined that houses with better photos sold for anywhere from $934 to $116,076 more compared to listings using photos from point-and-click cameras. The data also showed that properties with better photos got more online views.

Only about 15 percent of sellers use professional photographers and better cameras. Redfin says that about half of $1 million-plus listings were shot with cheaper point-and-shoot cameras.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Emily Peck (10/04/2010)



What you DON'T want!

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We have a huge web presence and advertise YOUR home on over 50 home specific web sites, Huff.com, this web site you are on now, all other Cincinnati real estate company web sites, all their agents web sites and over 800 TV station web sites.

Also included is the number one real estate web site realtor.com.  Not only is your home listed there, but we have the upgraded Showcase Listings" and "Featured Homes".  Call us for details.

YOUR home can be seen by people from anywhere in the world!

We use the full 15 photos allowable, compelling descriptions and additional descriptions as photo captions (rarely used bu other agents).

Listing YOUR home in the MLS allows the other 6000 realtors in Cincinnati to know all the information on your home so that can show it to their qualified buyers.

We hold your home open so people driving by can see your home without making an appointment.  We advertise the open house on the MLS, realtor.com, Huff.com and many other web sites as well as the newspaper and with directional signs.

The neighbors and their friends of family members who may want to move to the area can also attend. 

Print advertising is rapidly being replaced by the Internet.  We still use the Cincinnati Enquirer, Community Press and various Homes Magazines.  Our main focus is the Internet because that is what gets the best results.

Jim is a member of the Huff Relocation Team, a small but elite team of Huff agents trained and specializing in relocation.  Your home will be available all over the world through this network.

Our signs have the listing agent's phone number listed on the sign instead of the office number.  This way, buyers reach the person who knows your home best.

Our signs also have the number for a 24 hour toll-free info line shown.  This way buyers can get additional info immediately without talking to an agent (many buyers prefer this and would not call otherwise).  This line also allows the buyer to text the information to their mobile phone so they have a record of it.  Thay also have the option to be listed to the listing agent immediately while on the same call in case they have additional questions or want to make an appointment.  The buyers phone number is text to the listing agents mobile phone for follow-up.

Our signs have a brochure box so buyers can see color photos of the home and additional information.  The brochure does not list the price, but does list the 24 hour info line, which does give the price and obtains the buyers phone number for follow-up.

Our Signs have this website listed on them so potential buyers can log on and see the most comprehensive information and photos of YOUR home.

We profile the type of buyer likely to buy YOUR home and direct marketing to them.  This is done on specific web sires or direct mail using demographics.

We also notify your neighbors that YOUR home is for sale since they likely know of family or friends who may want to move near them.

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Your home is likely to get the most activity within a few weeks after it hits the market (that's why I will have all photos and virtual tours done before your home is marketed).  The reason for this is that all the buyers currently looking without finding their dream home will see your home as soon as it hits the market.  It it is over-priced, they will know it, thay are now experienced buyers and can recognize value.  They will not want see your home.

When you lower your price, these buyers already know they have seen everything on the market and sre looking for new lsitings.  Your home will only be seen by buyers just startiing to look.  They are not yet ready to buy and will comparison shop until thay learn the market.

One of the first questions buyers ask is "How long has this home been on the market"  Yours will be one of the longer ones and this makes your home not as desirable and prone to low offers.

Successive price reductions reduce buyer confidence in your home.

If the market is declining, a high starting price will mean you home sits longer only to have the market drop making your homes 'correct" price lower that when you first listed it.

Homes nust be priced to sell.  Homes that are over-priced sit on the market too long and homes that sit too long are considered undesirable and more likely to get low offers, if any at all.

YOU determine the listing price, hopefully with the advice of you Realtor.  The buyer determines the sales price.

We would take all the factors listed in the "what determines value" section into consideration and determine:

What homes have recently sold that are comparable to yours to determine what buyers are actually paying for homes. 

The pricing of homes comparable to yours to determine the competition.

The listed price of pending homes (homes that have an accepted contract, but have not closed) to determine what prices are receiving offers.

There is no "exact price" for real estate.  We will also consider YOUR motivation and how quickly you want to sell and recommend a listing price.  We will inform you if we feel the price you choose it on the high side and expalin the effect it will have on the time to sell, We will inform you if the price yop select is too low and be sure you want to take less to get a quick sale.  We will also inform you is the price you select is so  high that we do not wish to take your listing.  No one can sell overpriced listings and we wouldn't want to waste your time or our time and marketing costs.


Size (square ft., number of bedrooms and baths)

Amenities in the home

Condition of your home

Market conditions

Competing homes for sale

Interest rates

What you paid for your home has nothing to do with it's value.

What you owe has nothing to do with it's value.

How much money you want or need has nothing to do with it's value.

What you think you home is "worth" has nothing to do with it's value.

Buyers look for homes in their price range.  They search on the Internet by price range.

If yours is over-priced, the buyers that look at your home will compare it to the others in that price range.  Yours will always be one that can't measure-up and will not get offers.  It simply will not be as nice as the others that are looking at.  The WRONG buyers won't wany your home. The RIGHT buyers are not even looking at your home, they are looking at homes in a lower price range.

If yours is correctly priced, the RIGHT buyers will see your home.  They are not looking at homes above their price range.  Your home will compare nicely with the homes they are looking at and you will get an offer.

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