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Of course you can sell your home yourself! 

The question is should you sell your home yourself.

Studies show that  38% of people who sell their home themselves do it to save a commission.  I can understand that, it sounds reasonable and seems easy enough.  6% or so, seems like a lot of money.  The majority of the others do so because they already know the buyer.

Studies also show that homes sold by the owner sell for 15.4% less than homes sold with the assistance of a  Realtor.  What happened to the 6% savings?  

Why has it has become a loss of 9.4% (15.4%-6%=9.4%).

There are several reasons.

1. Usually people looking at FSBO (For Sale By Owner) homes expect to pay less.  They are shopping there because they want to save the 6%.  After all, it's the same home, with more work, more risk, less service and more difficult to negotiate. Why should they pay the same price.


2. Owners don't have access to the right marketing tools.  They can't use MLS, Realtor.com or most other websites. See how the FSBO websites compare to the Realtor websites below.  Also check out the "Why List With Us " page under the Sellers tab.



3. It may be the first or second time an owner ever sold a home.  They just don't have the time, experience or the know how.


FSBO transactions have steadily declined over the last 12 years from 18% of sales to just 9%.  Half of those already knew the buyer.


The majority of FSBO homes are eventually listed with a Realtor.  If fact of all homes sold, 5% were previously FSBO homes that didn't sell.


If you are interested in selling you home yourself, in spite of the facts, I hope you beat the odds and can do it.  If it doesn't work, I also hope you will call me.  I would love to represent you in the sale of your home.

Professional Services for Sellers


The process begins with evaluating your property to make sure it is in the best condition to secure the highest return. Your property must align with the competition and be promoted to the appropriate buyers. Elements of the Selling Process

We will explain:


  • State agency disclosure
  • State property condition disclosure
  • Fair Housing requirements
  • Federal lead base paint disclosure
  • Mold issues
  • Deed and title
  • Listing agreement
  • Purchase agreement
  • Mortgage pay off
  • Title insurance
  • Inspections
  • Appraisals
  • Home warranties
  • Closing procedures
  • Occupancy issues



Negotiate Offers

We will:


  • Work to obtain the most favorable
    price and terms
  • Work to obtain sale of greatest
  • Screen buyers’ qualifications
  • Present offers
  • Review offers
  • Discuss options
  • Prepare and deliver counter offers



Manage Sale

We will:


  • Refer you to a title and insurance
  • Follow-up on financing and appraisal
  • Coordinate inspections
  • Manage contingency removal
  • Coordinate the title search
  • Coordinate home owners insurance
  • Arrange an owners title policy
  • Schedule closing, review settlement
    documents and attend closing
  • Provide you with post closing follow-up

Marketing Your Home

We will:


  • Evaluate home for marketability
  • Provide market research
  • Provide a dynamic marketing plan
  • Refer you to a relocation expert if moving from the area
  • Perform follow-up and prospecting activities to maximize sales
  • Establish good coop relations
  • Provide showing feedback
  • Provide market activity and market trend updates
  • Evaluate competitive position, recommend solutions to objections
  • Develop a competitive pricing strategy









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